Meet the Birds

Meet the Birds

Meet the Birds

By Rae Rankin

Illustrated by J-San

“Ten little chickadees scratching in the snow,
Finding little bits of seed everywhere they go

Little birders will love meeting ten North American bird species and learning to count with them! From Chickadees to California Quail, many of these birds can be spotted in most North American backyards!

With easy-to-read rhyme from award-winning author Rae Rankin and J-San’s signature illustrations, Meet the Birds is a must for every preschooler or kindergartner’s library.

“Bird lovers will be excited and pleased with this delightful bird book! The illustrations, rhyming, and counting will lead your little one to grow into a bird watcher/feeder/protector that we all need. A must-buy for your little chickadee.”

– Amazon Review