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  • Lizzie Flying Solo Nanci Turner Steveson 336 pages Recommended reading grades 8-12 Lizzie St. Clair has had a really lovely life. She lives in her family home, has nice clothes, goes to a nice school, has friends. Until her dad goes to jail for embezzlement and her entire world implodes. Her mom tries to hold

  • Over the weekend, I was honored to sit on a panel at the Great Valley Bookfest with author Margaret Duarte, to talk about challenges I’ve had as an author and how I’ve overcome them. I thought I would share some of the things we talked about with you here. Writing – Writing is always a

  • I recently came across a post in one of my online writer’s groups from fellow author Susan Ward asking for authors who would be willing to offer an eBook for free on September 20, 2022, for an event she was putting on, Reading Through The NICU. Having three children that went through the neonatal intensive

  • I am so excited to be part of the 5th Annual Sierra Arts and Ag Trail on September 24, celebrating the art and agriculture of the Sierra Valley that crosses through both Plumas and Sierra County. This fun all-day event visits farms, museums, nature preserves, and several other points of interest in the area. For

  • We took a quick trip up to the mountains over Labor Day weekend. No plans, just relaxing on pond time. It was one of the first times we had headed this way without plans. We spent quite a bit of our weekend relaxing on the back deck listening to the breeze in the trees, the

  • If you have been following me for a while, you know one of my favorite places is the beach. And to me, the beach means the Oregon Coast. Lovely sandy beaches, fog, tidal pools, and depending on where you are the occasional beautiful 70-degree day. I am perfectly content with those cool foggy days, though

  • First Term at Ravensbay (Book 1 of 4) Cressida Burton 212 pages Recommended reading grades 8-18 Paige Buchanan has won the best competition of her life (so far). She won first prize from Ponies! Ponies! Ponies! magazine – full fees at the Ravensbay Boarding and Equestrian School. Leaving her mom and Edinburgh was hard, but

  • Little Pearl (book 1 of 5) Helen Haraldsen 136 pages Recommended reading grades 8-12 Amber Anderson loves ponies! She especially loves the Fell Pony, Pearl, she has been riding at the local equestrian school. When her parents make her dreams come true by buying her Pearl, she can believe her luck! Until she starts at

  • Crazy About Horses Patrick Coghlan 198 pages Recommended reading grades 8-18 Isabel has loved horses all of her life and has dreamed about working with them. Her dreams have finally come true. She works at a Norfolk stud and equestrian centre with a young woman named Karen and her husband. When the owner of the

  • Show Strides: School Horses and Ponies (Book 1 of 4) Piper Klemm 131 pages Recommended reading grades 3-6 Tally Hart loves horses and loves taking lessons at the local barn, Quince Oaks. When a new trainer arrives, Tally worries about how it will impact her riding. What it does is introduce her to a new