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  • Coyote Sunrise and her father Rodeo have been wandering across the country for the past five years in a school bus nicknamed Yaeager. Ever since the loss of her mom and two sisters in a car accident, they have drifted from place to place with few rules to guide them along the way including no

  • Are you hunting for the perfect holiday gift for your horse-loving kids? We’ve got you covered with books perfect for toddlers, middle grade readers, young adults and beyond. This curated collection of horse books gives you some of the best choices in one spot! View the complete guide (pdf) (Issuu). Cowgirl LessonsRae RankinCowgirl Lessons is

  • I sat on a panel over the weekend at the 11th Annual Great Valley Bookfest speaking on the topic of Writing and Publishing Children’s Books 101 for the Indy Author. It’s a really important topic and one that just can fully be handled in an hour. Mariah Clark Skewes and I tackled as many questions

  • Ride On Faith Erin Hicks Pages 224 Recommended Reading Age 10-14 Victoria loves riding horses. It’s something she has been doing with her best friend Taylor. But after having an argument with Taylor over competing, Victoria leaves the Waverly Stables. She decides to start over at a new stable with no drama, no friends, and

  • False Gods – The Show Jumpers Challenge (Book 1 of 3) L.R. Trovillion Pages 372 Recommended Reading Age:  13-18 “You quit out of fear. You change course out of self-knowledge and wisdom” Cory’s life is a mess. Her parents are divorced, her mother is addicted to pain pills, and her sister is obsessed with dancing

  • Emily Edward Equestrian Extraordinaire (Book 1 of 2) Laura Holt-Haslam Pages 253 Recommended Reading Age: 8 – 13 Emily Edwards loves horses more than anything. When she wins a week at horse camp, she can’t believe her luck. Especially because with her mom on a secret mission and her dad struggling with Multiple Scholieosis (MS),

  • Stolen Whinnies Wendi Threlkeld Pages 130 Recommended Reading Age: 12 – 18 I found this book while searching for new horse book authors to invite to participate in our Horse Book Summer Reading All-Around. I admit the cover really drew me in and then I read the description and was hooked. This is a story

  • Born to Ride: An Equestrian’s Dream Gail O’Bannon 32 pages Recommended reading age 4-9 I love finding new books to read and especially looking for illustrated children’s horse books. When I came across Gail O’Bannon’s book Born to Ride on Instagram, I knew I needed to read it. Rae (YEP makes it even better) is

  • Mine for a Month & Other Pony Stories Jenny Roman 162 pages Recommended Reading Age: 10-13 years old Some of the best stories I have ever read are short stories and so when I came across Jenny Roman’s book Mine for A Month, I knew I had to add to it my TBR pile. I

  • As most of you know from previous posts I’ve made, I made a commitment to read more horse books this year. Last summer as part of the Summer Reading Program hosted by Horse Book Authors, I committed to reading at least one book from every participating author. This reminded me of how much I enjoyed