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  • I wanted to share this information while it’s fresh in my mind. I’ve now done a number of book events and yesterday while I was at the Great Valley Bookfest, I started really paying attention to the people walking through the aisle. Maybe it’s the marketing geek in my blood. But I was noticing how

  • .You’ve made a lot of decisions up to this point, and they are far from over. One of the most important one you will need to make soon is to ISBN or not. ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is a unique identifier used to identify comercially available books. ISBN number are 13 digit numbers

  • Recently I came across a review of my first book Cowgirl Lessons that I had not seen before. While favorable, it questioned my use of Cowgirl in the title. The reviewer questioned it as the story had noting to do with western riding (in the reviewers opinion – said it was English) or the cowgirl

  • I spent the day a few weekends ago at a craft fair in Redmond, WA. It was a beautiful day up here in the Pacific Northwest, one of those rare days as we come out of winter where the sun is out and it’s not too hot. The craft fair was sparsely attended, probably due

  • I realized as I was getting ready to start writing the post giving tips on how to find an illustrator that I had not written anything about budget. Don’t cringe. Understanding your budget is a critical part of this process not only for finding an illustrator, but once you have that book in hand and

  • Illustrations There are many decisions an independent author must make when deciding to publish a children’s book. And one of the biggest decisions revolves around illustrations. If you are trying to publish your book traditionally through a publishing company, you more than likely will not have to choose an illustrator. Most traditional publishing houses do

  • When I was growing up, my grandmother had a house on the Oregon coast in a small town called Arch Cape. Arch Cape is a beautiful spot, just south of Cannon Beach (famous for it’s Haystack Rock). Every summer until I was in 8th grade my sister and I spent a month at her house.

  • If you are a Gilmore Girls fanatic like I  am you will certainly recall the episode where Rory goes golfing with her grandfather. As they are walking along, Richard says to Rory, I suppose you have a yen for travelling. To which Rory responds,  “I am up to my ears in yens.” With the publication

  • Most of us have gone through a period where we were (or still are) fascinated by pirates. For most we probably started this fascination by watching  Disney’s Peter Pan or Robin Hood. Our pirating adventures have been furthered by Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Carribbean  (my favorite ride at Disneyland) and the Dread

  • I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a question I’ve gotten in several interviews, it’s the one where I’m asked, “When did I know I was a writer?” I can pinpoint events in my life that have led me on this journey to where I am now, but to seriously say, “Hey everyone look at