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  • First Term at Ravensbay (Book 1 of 4) Cressida Burton 212 pages Recommended reading grades 8-18 Paige Buchanan has won the best competition of her life (so far). She won first prize from Ponies! Ponies! Ponies! magazine – full fees at the Ravensbay Boarding and Equestrian School. Leaving her mom and Edinburgh was hard, but

  • Little Pearl (book 1 of 5) Helen Haraldsen 136 pages Recommended reading grades 8-12 Amber Anderson loves ponies! She especially loves the Fell Pony, Pearl, she has been riding at the local equestrian school. When her parents make her dreams come true by buying her Pearl, she can believe her luck! Until she starts at

  • Crazy About Horses Patrick Coghlan 198 pages Recommended reading grades 8-18 Isabel has loved horses all of her life and has dreamed about working with them. Her dreams have finally come true. She works at a Norfolk stud and equestrian centre with a young woman named Karen and her husband. When the owner of the

  • Show Strides: School Horses and Ponies (Book 1 of 4) Piper Klemm 131 pages Recommended reading grades 3-6 Tally Hart loves horses and loves taking lessons at the local barn, Quince Oaks. When a new trainer arrives, Tally worries about how it will impact her riding. What it does is introduce her to a new

  • The Earth Keeper’s Gift The Earth Keeper’s Gift (Book 1 of 4) Maria Langella Sorgie https://www.marialangellasorgie.com/ 32 pages Recommended Reading Age 7 to 9 The Earth Keeper’s Gift is a special story about a girl named Nimue who has a special way with animals including her pony, Cloud. One morning before school, she falls and

  • Born to Run (Book 1 of 10) Ann Hunter 272 Pages Recommended reading age 12-17 Alexandra has been in and out of foster homes for as long as she remembers. She has a history of running away and ending up back at a facility to be with one of her friends, Ashley. They plan to

  • As part of the Kid’s Summer Reading Program, I have been reading and reviewing books by our equestrian author participants. I also think it is also important to showcase books on farming and agriculture as well. I have created a short list of books focused on farms and agriculture for kids from little kids up

  • Appaloosa Summer The Island Series, Book 1 of 6 Tudor Robins https://www.tudorrobins.com/ 226 pages Recommended Reading Age YA/Teen “Is there anything worse than a pinto?” “Oh yeah. An Appaloosa. Kiss of death.” Meg Traherne is an accomplished rider, well versed in everything in the jumping world. But when her life comes crashing down as her

  • A Barrel Racer’s Dream M.D. Ford www.whisperinghorsebooks.com Recommended reading age 4-8 The first book in the Rocking Horse Rodeo Series, A Barrel Racer’s Dream is the story of Dee and Hank and their very first barrel race. Dee has been dreaming of this moment for a long time and she is ready for it. They

  • New Beginnings (Book 1 of 15) Christine Meunier www.christinemeunierauthor.com 112 pages Recommended reading age 9 to 12 Jacqui King, her parents Tony and Kate, and her older brother Ross are moving to a large property in Victoria, Australia after her dad was offered a new position. Jacqui and her mom are excited about the move,