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  • The Stallion and His Peculiar Boy M.J. Evans 173 Pages Recommended reading age 13-18 I picked up this book on its release day for two reasons. #1 I had the pleasure of meeting M.J. at an event in Kentucky in 2019 and have read a few of her other books and #2 the book is

  • Buckaroo Beau Lives on a Ranch Kacy Burke 24 pages Recommended Reading Age: 0-4 Book 1 of 2 Buckaroo Beau is an adorable story about a young cowboy living on a ranch and what he does every day. From sun up to sundown, Buckaroo Beau and his parents take care of the ranch. It’s a

  • In the six years of effort I have put into bringing eight books to life, there is one thing that remains steadfastly true – being an author is hard work. Those who think being an author is all glamour. You’ve written an amazing book, maybe you got a publisher or have chosen to become an

  • Silent Harmony Michele Scott Book 1 of 3 – Fairmont Riding Academy 238 Pages Recommended Reading Age 12 – 18 “Scientists say that the memory of a horse rivals that of an elephant, which according to the experts is pretty remarkable.” Vivienne Taylor is an expert rider. At 17, she dreams of being the youngest

  • I recently read a book that had a scene that got me thinking. The main female character was always working and failing to take time for herself. The male character mentions a fad in 19th-century Paris where it was fashionable to go on a walk with a turtle. In the book, it is a metaphor

  • I’ve been spending a lot of time reading horse books. Below is my ongoing list of books I recommend. I am not paid for my opinion. The majority of books I have read are either free on Kindle Unlimited, books I have purchased, or books checked out via the local library. If I have received

  • The Outside of a Horse Ginny Rorby 354 Pages Recommended Reading Age 10 and up “There’s nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse.” Old English Proverb Hannah Gale is waiting for her father to return from Iraq. When he does, he is not the same man as

  • There are a lot of exciting things happening on the horizon and I’ve been working to get things scheduled on my calendar. It’s a little challenging this year as our daughter is finishing high school and will be heading off to college in August. Hard to believe we are at this point of becoming empty

  • Swing Sideways Nanci Turner Steveson 304 Pages Recommended Reading Age 10-12 “When you go back to see her, be courageous.” Annabel is ready to start her summer free of being overscheduled by her mother, free to run free in the countryside around her parent’s summer home. On their drive in from the city, Annabel notices

  • Liberty Biscuit Melanie Sue Bowles 224 Pages Recommended Reading Age 9 to 12 “Give horses a reason to be curious about you, Kip. So they want to be with you.” – Grandpa Joe Thirteen-year-old Kip lives on her family peach farm in Georgia with her parents and her grandfather. The farm used to have horses