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  • As most of you know from previous posts I’ve made, I made a commitment to read more horse books this year. Last summer as part of the Summer Reading Program hosted by Horse Book Authors, I committed to reading at least one book from every participating author. This reminded me of how much I enjoyed

  • Astra Chris Platt 144 Pages Recommended Reading Age: 8-12 years old “Astra Atomica was the perfect example of the Arabian Horse.” I am a sucker for a book that features Arabian horses. I have always loved Arabians, ever since I was first introduced to the Black Stallion way back when I was a child. And

  • I am so happy to announce we are kicking off the 2nd Annual Horse Book Summer Reading Program hosted by horse book authors. This year’s theme is Summer Reading All-Around. This free summer reading program is hosted by over twenty international horse book authors representing the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New

  • The Phantom Stallion: The Wild One Terri Farley 320 pages Recommended Reading Age: 8-12 Book 1 of 24: The Phantom Stallion “Silent, except for night wind rushing through his mane and tail, the stallion ran, reclaiming his freedom.” Recently I was introduced to the lovely Terri Farley and her fantastic book series The Phantom Stallion.

  • I have a very strong belief in paying it forward. When I started this author journey back in 2017, I felt extremely lucky to find authors who were willing to answer my questions and provide advice even when I am sure they have answered that question to another budding author. I have learned to search

  • Horse Trouble Kristin Verner Pages: 288 Recommended Reading Age: 8-12 “I knew I had to break the silence between us and make things right.” I absolutely love a good graphic novel. Some of my favorites include Stepping Stones and Apple Crush by Lucy Knisley and Sunny Side Up by Jennifer L. Holm. And I certainly

  • Kick the Latch Kathryn Scanlan Pages: 137 Recommended Reading Age: 16+ “Horses get fractious and bang around in their slots before you kick the latch…” My husband and I were recently on a quick trip to the coast. I love to explore bookstores where ever we go. This time we drove to Guernville and stopped

  • I see this question a lot in author groups. The opinions vary widely among authors on whether or not to enter contests. Many say yes, and others say no. I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Now, this is only my opinion. I’m not an expert by any means. In some ways, a

  • Mystic and the Midnight Ride Stacy Gregg Recommended Reading Age 9-12 Book 1 of 12 (Pony Club Secrets) “It was almost as if she were riding vapour, a wisp of grey smoke.” Issie loves riding horses more than anything in the world but when the unthinkable happens and her beloved horse Mystic is killed in

  • The Stallion and His Peculiar Boy M.J. Evans 173 Pages Recommended reading age 13-18 I picked up this book on its release day for two reasons. #1 I had the pleasure of meeting M.J. at an event in Kentucky in 2019 and have read a few of her other books and #2 the book is