Book Review: Back Door Horse

Back Door Horse

Author: Heather Wallace

Pages: 256

Recommended Reading Age: 18+

I had the pleasure of meeting Heather Wallace in 2019 at the Equus Film Festival in Lexington, Kentucky. She was promoting her book Girl Forward about her experiences in Mongolia photographing the Gobi Desert Cup, an endurance horse race. Her love of horses has inspired her writing so it was no surprise to me when she announced she was releasing her first fictional novel, Back Door Horse.

Heather introduces us to spunky Imogen Grey, a girl born and raised in New Jersey. Imogen is somewhat adrift, she is looking for purpose in her life. Every job she has had she does well, but then she gets bored and decides to move on to something else.

When she heads to the Green Mountains to help her aunt recover from an injury she meets her aunt’s handsome neighbor Gabe, the area veterinarian, who she is very much attracted to. Add in Imogen’s rescue dog, some goats, and an escape artist sport horse (that happens to belong to Gabe’s ex) that keeps showing up at Imogen’s back door, and you have the makings of a great start of a new series. But can Imogen stick?

I love a good romance novel in all shapes and sizes. Back Door Horse is a sweet, comfy romance, perfect for a rainy day afternoon. You can’t help but root for the delightfully and believably flawed Imogen to get the guy and the horse! I look forward to book two coming soon.

I purchased a paperback copy of this book directly from the author’s website, but ended up downloading it to read on my Kindle via Kindle Unlimited.


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