Recently I came across a review of my first book Cowgirl Lessons that I had not seen before. While favorable, it questioned my use of Cowgirl in the title. The reviewer questioned it as the story had noting to do with western riding (in the reviewers opinion – said it was English) or the cowgirl […]

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I is for Inspiration

I recently read an article about the top ten things publishers don’t want to hear in query letters. I was struck by the author pointing out that publishers don’t want to hear what inspired you to write the story. They must hear it a lot, so much so that it has lost credibility with them. […]

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H is for Horse

When we first moved to the PNW, Liz wanted to get back into riding. She had about two years off while we lived in Utah. After some research, I started her at a local ranch taking lessons once a week. Everything went well for the the first few months, then we flew back to California […]

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