A is for Apple Hill

I really enjoy visiting places that are in my own backyard. One of those spots is Apple Hill located about an hour east of Sacramento on Highway 50. For over 50 years, 50 local families have invited the public into the hills to their farms to enjoy days full of fun, from apple picking, touring […]

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I’ve Written a Children’s Book Now What

I started writing blog posts to help give aspiring authors a glimpse into what I’ve learned about the process. I figured it was time to compile the existing posts on one page and share with you more posts are forthcoming. Making Your Author Website Accessible Tables at Book Events ISBNs Budget and Business Planning Illustrations: […]

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I’ve Written a Children’s Book, Now What? ISBNs

.You’ve made a lot of decisions up to this point, and they are far from over. One of the most important one you will need to make soon is to ISBN or not. ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is a unique identifier used to identify comercially available books. ISBN number are 13 digit numbers […]

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Recently I came across a review of my first book Cowgirl Lessons that I had not seen before. While favorable, it questioned my use of Cowgirl in the title. The reviewer questioned it as the story had noting to do with western riding (in the reviewers opinion – said it was English) or the cowgirl […]

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Do you like to write?

I spent the day a few weekends ago at a craft fair in Redmond, WA. It was a beautiful day up here in the Pacific Northwest, one of those rare days as we come out of winter where the sun is out and it’s not too hot. The craft fair was sparsely attended, probably due […]

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