Book Review: The Phantom Stallion: The Wild One

The Phantom Stallion: The Wild One

Terri Farley

320 pages

Recommended Reading Age: 8-12

Book 1 of 24: The Phantom Stallion

“Silent, except for night wind rushing through his mane and tail, the stallion ran, reclaiming his freedom.”

Recently I was introduced to the lovely Terri Farley and her fantastic book series The Phantom Stallion. I added her books to my TBR list and couldn’t wait to dive into my first one. After chatting with Terri, I got the feeling that her books would have the same charisma. I had a few more books ahead of this one in line, but the library delivered much faster than I anticipated so I let it jump the line and started reading.

After several years of living with her aunt in San Francisco while she recovered from an accident with her young horse Blackie left her with a severe head injury, Samantha has returned home.  Her bags are barely in her room before they are off to bring the cattle back in off the range.

The Phantom Stallion is a Mustang, running wild near her father’s cattle ranch. He seems almost like a ghost. Appearing and disappearing with the wind. Yet something seems familiar about the horse to Sam. Could this be her beloved Blackie all grown up? After the accident, Blackie raced off into the wild. Can she get close enough to the wild horse to use his secret name the one she whispered in his ear?

And to make matters worse, the neighboring rancher wants the stallion and has tried to, on multiple occasions, catch him. Can Samantha keep the Mustang safe?

I was absolutely sucked into this story. I could smell the high desert and feel the wind in my hair. I could hear the rumbling of hooves as the horses ran across the hard-packed sand. And now I have 23 more books to read.

I read this book via Libby on my Kindle.

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