Horse Books Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2023

Are you hunting for the perfect holiday gift for your horse-loving kids? We’ve got you covered with books perfect for toddlers, middle grade readers, young adults and beyond. This curated collection of horse books gives you some of the best choices in one spot!

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Cowgirl Lessons
Rae Rankin
Cowgirl Lessons is a charming story celebrating the bond between children and horses. Told from the point of view of a young girl getting ready for her weekly horseback riding lesson, interacting with her parents, and getting to the barn for that special time with her horse, Cowgirl Lessons is perfect for your favorite bookworm or cowgirl!

Cowgirl Christmas
Rae Rankin
Named “Best Children’s Holiday Book” at the 2019 Equus Film and Arts Festival, Cowgirl Christmas is a charming story celebrating the joy and magic of Christmas. Snow is falling, the decorations are up, treats are prepared, gifts are wrapped, and there is fun to be had. But not before the chores get done! Our favorite Cowgirl and Duchess along with friends and family come together to bring cheer to their community.

A Barrel Racer’s Dream
M.D. Ford
Adventurous dreamer Dee loves the rodeo and her favorite event is Barrel Racing. She has been dreaming about her first race with her best friend Hank for as long as she can remember. They have worked hard, practiced, and persevered. But will it be enough? Is the blue ribbon within their grasp?

A Gymkhana With Dee and Friends
M.D. Ford
Join Dee and her best friend, and horse, Hank as they have fun at a gymkhana. Race around the poles and barrels at Gymkhana with many of her friends.

Posey’s Problem: A Pony Tale
Kathy SImmers
Posey is a show pony who has a big problem. No matter how hard she works, no matter how many times she wins or how much she loves her kids, the problem will always be there. Yet despite her problem, Posey continues to do everything with her whole heart.
Posey is a champion through and through, and her story comes with powerful lessons about persevering through change, keeping your heart open, and the enduring power of love.

Comanche and Jody: The Pony Adventure Begins
K.J. Clark
Kerri wants a pony. So does her sister, Kim. They want to be able to ride just like Dad does on his big horse, Tori. But finding ponies isn’t easy. After a few disappointments, Dad stumbles upon the perfect pair: Comanche and Jody. With the ponies comes a lot of work. But that is all worth it for the adventure and the excitement of the first ride!

Reins of Love
Laurie Salisbury
Nine-year-old twins Beth and Ben Chamberlain are moving to a home in the country. Beth’s dream of owning a horse could finally be coming true. For Beth, moving is everything she has ever wanted. Ben might be a twin, but his feelings about the move couldn’t be more mixed. Sure, there’s a big yard and a barn, with all kinds of exciting possibilities. But, what if all of Beth’s dreams come true, and the only thing he gets is the short end of the stick? Bad moods turn into bad attitudes and threaten to ruin both of their dreams. The siblings must learn to let God take control of the reins of their hearts before everything is lost.

Rocket The Blue-Ribbon Pony
Ellen F. Feld
Rocket is a very naughty pony. Sara desperately wants to win a blue ribbon with Rocket, but the two-year-old colt has grown into a very unruly pony who loves to get into trouble. When it’s time to come in from the field, he runs away; he loves to chew on his lead ropes, and he nips at Sara whenever she tries to work him. Convinced that showing Rocket will help him learn to be a good pony, Sara decides to take him to a local horse show. What could go wrong?

Rusty the High-Flying Morgan Horse
Ellen F. Feld
RUSTY introduces readers to the exciting world of show jumping. As the story opens, Frosty has her foal and Heather is thrilled with the adorable gray filly. While Heather is kept busy training the foal, she also discovers the thrills of jumping with Rusty, her favorite gelding. Heather decides to enter a jumping competition and the duo have a fantastic time and win an impressive ribbon. Quickly making plans for more competitions, everything is going well until Heather suddenly begins to doubt her own abilities. At the same time, Heather notices that there is something wrong with her filly. Will Nicholas, a new friend, be able to help Heather overcome her fears and win the Tri-County Jump-Off? And what will happen to Shadow, Frosty’s foal? This is one journey you don’t want to miss!

Sofia’s Surprise
Laura Holt-Haslam
Nine-year-old Sofia Ruiz has just one Christmas wish—a horse of her own. But without winter boots or fuel to heat their run-down trailer, she would settle for just being warm.
With Christmas only days away, Mom arranges for Sofia to spend two weeks with her grandmother, a stranger she hasn’t seen in six years. A painful rift separates Mom from Gramma Lisa, but neither will talk about what happened. Sofia dreads being left alone.
Sofia’s dread becomes delight when she discovers Gramma Lisa owns a Morgan horse named Delilah. Sofia learns about caring for the mare and eagerly volunteers to do the chores, hoping Gramma Lisa will allow her to ride Delilah. As Sofia and Gramma Lisa pursue their shared passion for horses, Sofia feels increasingly conflicted. She wishes she and Mom could move in with her grandmother, but Mom’s strained relationship with Gramma Lisa stands in the way. If they cannot forgive, will they force Sofia to choose between them?

Rocko’s First Horse Show
E.S. Damon
Horse shows are fun, but they can also be nerve-wracking.
It’s Emma’s first year in the walk-trot division and her pony’s first show. Rocko is a very handsome pony, but he is pulling all his tricks and Emma has to figure out how to help him. Luckily, she has her best friend there with her.
Lucas has been in this show before and has some tips to offer, and helping his friend might just help him forget his show-day nerves.
A day full of surprises and excitement shows both riders that teamwork and good horsemanship can turn a tough situation into a great day.

The Earth Keeper’s Gift
Maria Langella Sorgie
Nimue has a special way with animals, especially her pony, Cloud, who always settles with her soft touch. As she rides, she talks to Cloud, to the birds, to the trees, and all the living things. An only child who walks with a limp, riding her pony makes her feel strong when the real world isn’t kind to her. Children tease her because she talks to animals and trees and walks differently than them. Her parents scold her for believing in magic and what they deem a fantasy world.

The Earth Keeper’s Challenge
Maria Langella Sorgie
The Earth Keeper’s Challenge is Book 2 of The Earth Keeper Trilogy. It continues the story of Nimue and her fellow Earth Keepers, The Earth Keepers have a unique ability to converse with animals and plants of nature. Join them as they fight against Miss Pharma to heal the planet. It is a magical fantasy adventure sure to delight readers of all ages.

Show Strides: School Horses & Show Ponies
Piper Klemm & Rennie Dyball
Meet the riders of Quince Oaks: Tally is a dedicated working student who takes lessons on the stable’s fleet of school horses, and Mac is pushing herself to improve on her own pony hunter. The girls become fast friends as Tally learns the ropes of catch riding and showing while Mac discovers that moving up a division isn’t as easy as she’d hoped. Together, and with the help of their trainer and barn friends, both riders will chase their dreams on horseback-one stride at a time.

Show Strides: Confidence Comeback
Piper Klemm & Rennie Dyball
Tally Hart just went to her first A-rated show with the new trainer at her barn, Quince Oaks—and it was a competition she’ll never forget. But back at home, the working student and newly-minted catch rider faces an uncertain future. Will she get to keep riding sales ponies? Go back to lessons on the barn’s school horses? Meanwhile, her good friend Mac Bennett is finding her own footing in the medium pony hunter division and working toward the biggest show goal either rider could imagine.

New Beginnings
Christine Meunier
A job transfer for Jacqui King’s father means that the 10-year-old and her family have moved interstate. Jacqui is excited that the move has allowed her family to take up a lease on a large property.
Since she could remember, Jacqui King has had a love for horses. Now with the family’s move, she wonders if her dream to learn to horse ride could come true. Jacqui’s mum Kate plans to turn the property into a place where they can offer horse agistment, only concreting Jacqui’s desire to have a horse of her own.
On a property titled Genesis, it does indeed seem that the new beginnings for the King family are looking promising.

Being a Nanny Horse
Christine Meunier
Learn about the life of a nanny, from the older horse’s point of view! Each year there are young horses that need the guidance of an older horse. A nanny helps to do this.
A short story for young horse fans learning to read, or to be read to them by a more established reader.
There are questions at the end to test reader comprehension. Answers are included, too.

Horse on the Loose
Leslie McDonald
The Mighty Quin is a retired show horse who is afraid his beloved owner will sell him because he can no longer jump the big fences to win blue ribbons as he did in his youth. Determined not to let humans govern his fate, Quin makes a bold escape from his stable to search for the perfect home. From golf course fairways to city streets to suburban backyards with the police hot on his trail, Quin gains a fresh perspective about human nature, loyalty, and, ultimately, true love.

Mystery Horse at Oak Lane Stable
Kerri Lukasavitz
Cassie Piotrowski is upset. After a special morning of horse shopping, the twelve-year-old equestrian is horrified to end up standing in a filthy paddock with four starving horses. The young horse lover is heartbroken when her dad refuses to buy the bay horse she’s befriended and when she learns the horses are about to load for auction. Still pleading with her dad, they drive away, relinquishing the horses to their terrible fate.
Knowing that it was too late to save the horses and still angry at her dad for refusing to help, Cassie is surprised when she arrives at the stable the next day and finds the befriended mystery horse standing in a paddock. Despite telling her dad the good news when she gets home, he still refuses to buy her the horse.
How can Cassie convince her dad that the bay mystery horse is perfect for her before he’s sold to a new owner and she loses him forever?

Ghost Horse at Oak Lane Stable
Kerri Lukasavitz
Two horses. One choice. How does it end?
Cassie Piotrowski is troubled. When her showjumper, NightHawk, takes longer than expected to heal from a puncture wound, the fourteen-year-old rider is concerned when her dad questions the horse’s ability to return to the show ring, tossing around how he should have sold the ill-suited mount when he’d had the chance. But when she’s loaned Ghost Story, the stable’s showjumper, for the summer, Cassie is determined to prove that she can compete on the new horse and win, buying time until she can show NightHawk again.
Still wishing she could ride NightHawk, Cassie sets off to compete with Ghost Story, against the speed trials and sharp turns of jumper courses. But with the stiff competition and failing to follow the trainer’s instruction, Cassie stumbles, losing her confidence and edge and fearing losing both horses forever because of her costly mistakes.
Will Cassie get to keep NightHawk and maybe Ghost Story, or will unforeseen challenges crush the young rider’s dreams?

Spirit of Summerwood
Vivien Gorham
It’s finally summer, and for twelve-year-old Aislinn, that means two sweet, uninterrupted weeks at her favourite place in the world Summerwood Farm. At Summerwood’s all-girl horse camp, Aislinn is surrounded by all the things she loves most: her Arabian, Firefly; her best friend, Jill; and her mentor, Grace.
But this year, things are different from day one.
There’s a boy at camp, Grace seems tense, and rumours swirl about the stable’s land being sold. Not to mention, Aislinn keeps seeing things no one else can a fox, an owl, and even a ghostly boy who seems to need her help and her visions are starting to affect her riding and her friendships. So one starry night, Aislinn sneaks out to meet the ghost boy and hear his story. She also learns about the Indigenous history of the land around Summerwood, and what life was like for residents of a former Poor Farm that was in the same area. But, as Aislinn soon finds out, all actions have consequences and she faces serious punishment for breaking Summerwood’s rules.

Touch of Gold
Vivien Gorham
When thirteen-year-old Jamie Francis’s parents divorced, she and her mother moved from Halifax to the small town of River Bend, Nova Scotia. Jamie doesn’t have any friends and isn’t sure how she’ll ever make any when she comes across a neglected-looking horse in a field: a golden palomino she names Peach.
After befriending Peach’s widowed owner, Jamie learns that her newfound friend is being sold to notorious horse trainer, Valerie Scott, at nearby Tamarack Stables. Jamie offers to pitch in, mucking out stalls and doing chores around the barn and becomes enchanted with the world of competitive horseback riding. She even makes a few friends, including Val’s cute red-headed son, Nick, and Naomi, a popular girl from school. But she still isn’t sure if she fits in. If only she could ride Peach herself…
Will horseback riding be the key to Jamie’s happiness, or will it gallop off into the sunset without her?

Gift Horse
Tudor Robins
Kiki longs to have her own horse. She particularly covets Pitch Perfect, the lovely grey owned by one of her lesson mates.
It can’t do any harm to imagine trotting along on light-footed Pitch instead of the sweet-but-clunky schooling horse she rides every week.
As long as she remembers, it’s just a dream.
But what if Kiki could own a horse after all? And not just any horse — what if Kiki could own Pitch?
It will take compromise, cooperation, and creativity — but maybe Kiki can have the best gift ever this holiday.

Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi
Leslie McDonald
Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi is an engaging, true life story as told from the unique perspective of Beamer the Corgi. It’s a big job to become the “Corgi in Charge” of a working horse farm. Even more so when you have to overcome the “Curse of the Fluffy.” Branded in early puppyhood by a genetic hair flaw that sets him apart from other corgis, Beamer’s undaunted spirit and perservserance bubble to the top of this entertaining book which brings a smile on every page. Beamer’s special insights and opinions of the cast of characters who comprise his world will have readers checking out their own dogs in a whole new light.

Good Boy Eddie
Rennie Dyball
“I am a school horse, and it’s my job to teach people how to ride.”
Eddie takes great pride in giving riding lessons, but when he moves to a new barn that’s full of show horses, he begins to doubt himself and his place in the world-all while his rider is doing the same. A story of self-acceptance and friendship for all ages, Good Boy, Eddie captures the special bonds we form with animals, and what we learn about ourselves along the way.

Snowed in at Ravensbay
Cressida Burton
It’s the Christmas holidays at last, and Paige Buchanan just can’t wait to accompany her best friend, Taryn Konstantine, back to her luxurious family home, The Paddocks, for several days of festive fun. There’ll be delicious food to eat, animals to play with, and even ponies to ride… it’s going to be just perfect. Except that an unexpected snowstorm arrives on the very last day of term, cutting off the Ravensbay headland, and any girls still at school find themselves snowed in. Suddenly all their Christmas plans are ruined!
Then, as the school struggles to cope with power cuts, Paige and Taryn find themselves back in their year seven dorm, Puffins, with an old friend. Believing that all they can do to amuse themselves is to watch Christmas films and eat chocolate whilst they wait the storm out, the girls find instead that they are required to help in some very unexpected activities, including a rescue mission across the bitter, snow-clad moors that, if they don’t succeed, could result in a terrible tragedy.

Team Up
Elizabeth Alexander
Competition is always tough to get into the Wattle Park College show jumping team to compete in the State School Championships. But when Hetta and JJ discover their arch enemy Savannah has unexpectedly purchased an expensive new show jumper, the competition toughens up considerably! Savannah’s motive is clear but when the new horse proves himself a dangerous acquisition, Hetta and JJ know Savannah has put herself and the team’s performance in jeopardy. Can Hetta and JJ rescue Savannah and save the team or will their arch enemy’s actions destroy Wattle Park’s chance of success in the Victorian State Schools Show Jumping Championship?

North Oak Box Set (Books 1-3)
Ann Hunter
In this special compilation of books 1 through 3 of the North Oak series, you’ll discover and relive Alex’s first year at North Oak. The trilogy contains:
Alexandra Anderson is on the run from the law.
When the thirteen-year-old orphan can run no further, she collapses at the gates of the prestigious racing and breeding farm, North Oak. Horse racing strikes a deep chord in her. She hears a higher calling in the jingle jangle of bit and stirrup and in the thunder of hooves on the turn for home.
It tells her she has a place in the world. But when the racing headlines find her on the front of every sports page, she realizes North Oak is no longer a safe haven.
Money can’t buy love, but it just might secure Alex’s future. Will everyone at North Oak still want to offer her a home when they learn of her unspeakable crime?
A new year has come to North Oak, and with it a new life for Alexandra Anderson. Still haunted by Ashley’s brutal death, Alex worries she won’t seem grateful if she’s unhappy. To make it worse, Promenade has been nominated to the Keeneland Yearling Sale.
She’s going to lose everything… again.
It’s too painful to let love in and easier to be angry at the world for her abusive past than to let it go. Easier to put up walls so no one knows she’s hurting. Will Alex be able to open her heart to others when its still battling personal demons? Or will she go so deep into herself that no one can reach her?
When a terrible accident shakes the Showman’s, Alex finds herself questioning her place in the family. Feeling like a second class citizen, she turns once again to find her solace in horse racing.
With a new filly to manage with Brooke, and Venus Galaxies’s first foal on the way, the girls must rely on each other to make things work out. But will a handsome, foreign newcomer split them apart once again?

With Purpose: The Balmoral Standard
Rennie Dyball
Carleton Brooks and Traci Brooks share their decades of knowledge, expertise, and winning ways in their first book, With Purpose: The Balmoral Standard. Carleton is a widely respected horseman, a large “R” judge, and member of the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame, and Traci has spent more than 30 years developing horses and riders, guiding them to victory at the biggest shows in the country. With Purpose is divided into three sections: On Horsemanship, On Training, and On the Industry. In each section, you’ll uncover a wealth of information gleaned from Carleton and Traci’s careers. They will also walk you through…

  • Analyzing and refining your stalls and turnout to best care for your animal
  • Why horses gravitate to certain people
  • Why going forward solves most riding problems
  • The rider’s four bases of support
  • Detailed notes and suggestions for flatwork and jumping exercises
  • Demystifying “The Distance”
  • Coping with show nerves
  • Showing through the judges’ eyes

The Horse Trivia Quiz Book: 375 Questions for Horse Lovers
E.S. Damon
Challenge your friends to a horsey quiz! Choose a level and get ready to test your equestrian knowledge with 375 questions in a variety of areas. You never know what the next question might bring; breeds, colors, care, and history are just some of the topics you will find inside.
Don’t be worried if you don’t know all the answers! You will find them all in the key at the end of each section so you can get even more right next time.
Fun for all ages with three levels of difficulty to keep even the most devoted horse-lover on their toes.

Grateful: A Guided Journal for Young Horse Lovers
Laura Holt-Haslam
Saddle Up Your Gratitude with this guided gratitude journal!
Studies show that practicing gratitude leads to greater happiness, improved relationships, higher self-esteem, reduced stress, and better overall well-being.
Cultivate a mindset of positivity, compassion, and hoof-stomping gratitude with this guided journal designed especially for horse-loving tweens. Invite your equine companions to inspire you as you celebrate life’s everyday blessings, extend acts of kindness and generosity, and express heartfelt appreciation to those around you.
Carefully crafted writing prompts will guide you to express your thoughts and feelings and uncover your inner gratitude. Most journal pages include delightful horse illustrations to color and decorate, making each page a reflection of your unique style.

Horse Lover’s Math Level 1
Deborah Stacey
This is the first in a series of what will be three fun and informative math workbooks for kids who love horses. The math concepts in this workbook are targeted at the grade 4 level with an added splash of math at the grade 5 level. The horse information is of interest to all horse lovers, no matter what their age. Both US customary and metric units are used throughout the book.

Horse Lover’s Math Level 2
Deborah Stacey
The Level 2 Workbook teaches kids about the real world of horses through the lens of math and science. Math and science are tools we can use to satisfy our natural curiosity about the world around us. Math in this workbook is primarily at the grade 5 level with some grade 4 (geometric measurement for example) and grade 6 (finding the mean or average of a set of numbers). For kids who love horses, the motivation to learn is built in!

Awesome Art Activities for Horse Loving Kids Vol. 1
Corinne Joy Brown
Six Projects For Middle Grade Students Ages 10 and Up!
Easy to follow, fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions for any group leader to follow. Materials, concepts and examples.

Awesome Art Activities for Horse Loving Kids Vol. II
Corinne Joy Brown
Awesome Art Activities for Horse Lovin’ Kids Volume 2 offers six more fun lessons for children who love horses, catering to the “Littles”, children 5-8 years of age. Never underestimate the imagination and skill of kiddos in this age group who like to draw and paint. Perfect for home-schooling moms and dads, club leaders and grandparents. It’s not a “how to book”; rather it’s a “why not book?” Easy to use, lays flat, with a washable cover.

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