Y is for Yens

If you are a Gilmore Girls fanatic like I  am you will certainly recall the episode where Rory goes golfing with her grandfather. As they are walking along, Richard says to Rory, I suppose you have a yen for travelling. To which Rory responds,  “I am up to my ears in yens.” With the publication […]

X Marks the Spot

Most of us have gone through a period where we were (or still are) fascinated by pirates. For most we probably started this fascination by watching  Disney’s Peter Pan or Robin Hood. Our pirating adventures have been furthered by Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Carribbean  (my favorite ride at Disneyland) and the Dread […]

W is for Writing

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a question I’ve gotten in several interviews, it’s the one where I’m asked, “When did I know I was a writer?” I can pinpoint events in my life that have led me on this journey to where I am now, but to seriously say, “Hey everyone look at […]

V is for Vignette

I have written numerous blog posts here on the definition of a word and its relation to writing. Today as I was brainstorming on the letter V (you almost got a post about vineyards), I landed on the word vignette. A vignette is a short description or scene more about evoking meaning through imagery than […]

U is for the Unknown

Unknown adjective not known; not within the range of one’s knowledge, experience, or understanding; strange; unfamiliar. not discovered, explored, identified, or ascertained:the unknown parts of Antarctica. not widely known; not famous; obscure: an unknown writer.   I found it rather ironic when I decided to write this post about the word unknown and how it […]

S is for Storyline

I am currently working on my next children’s picture book. For those of you who read my first, Cowgirl Lessons, you will happy to know I am working on another horse book. While writing my first two children’s books I had a vision of the storyline before I started. This one is a little different. […]

R is for Reading

One of the most common pieces of advice most writers receive is to never stop reading. Read in your genre, read books about the craft, read books that interest you. I read a lot. I drive my husband a little crazy because I can read while he watches TV. He will ask me if I […]

Q is for Quirks

Quirk – noun – a peculiar behavioral habit. Writers are an odd bunch. A club I embrace wholeheartedly. Part of the time we live in a fantasy world within our head, voices chattering at us trying to get our attention to tell their story. Other times we are frantically writing (or trying to write) those […]

P is for Playlists

When I was a teenager we called play lists, mix tapes. We created these tapes by waiting by the radio for the song we wanted to record to come on, hoping to recognize it from the first few seconds that came through the speaker of our boom box. Our fingers hovering over the record button […]