E is for Erin

I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to one of my sisters of the heart. I met her when we were in 2nd grade (no counting how many years). I can only imagine now what that conversation was like back then. “I like horses do you like horses? I like to read, do […]

D is for Daughter

When I hit the letter D today, I was stumped for awhile. So many people participating in the endeavor had a month to plan themes around the letters and here I was (already starting a few days behind) wondering what I was going to write about the letter D. I settled on writing a little […]

C is for Challenge

The definition of a challenge is a call to take part in a contest or a competition. A call to take part in. A contest or competition. What the basic definition doesn’t point out is that a challenge can be internal or external. For the most part we writers face the internal challenge, letting our […]

B is for Bear

I’ve decided to play a little word association with the letters as they come up for this blogging challenge. Possibly pick the first word that comes to my head when I say the letter out loud. As the title of this blog suggests, bear was the first thing I thought of when I said “B.”  […]

A is for Adventure

I have always been the one friend that is up for adventure. So when I was listening to a recent podcast (Vikki J. Carter’s Authors of the Pacific Northwest), I was introduced to the A to Z Bloggers Challenge. The A to Z challenge basically challenges Bloggers to blog 26 times in the month of […]