Do you like to write?

I spent the day a few weekends ago at a craft fair in Redmond, WA. It was a beautiful day up here in the Pacific Northwest, one of those rare days as we come out of winter where the sun is out and it’s not too hot.

The craft fair was sparsely attended, probably due in fact to the beautiful weather. A few people strolled the booths, stopping by to ask questions. Now I’m not the greatest at small talk. Something I definitly need to work on as I continue this journey as an author.

One woman, in particular, wanted to chat about publishing and selling books. She had apparently written a biography of a family member and asked questions about what it was like being a self-published author. I gave her some pointers from my point of view. She flipped through one of my books, admired the illustrations then asked, “So, do you like being a writer?”

I can only imagine what my face must have looked like. All the conflicting emotions that raced through my head. I politely answered, “Yes, yes I do.” I mean of course I do, would I be out here on such a nice day trying to sell my children’s books if I didn’t like what I do?

She then read the “about the author” in the back of one of my books. I mention having written a draft of a contemporary novel. She asked what it was about. I explained that it was about a small town, the people that live there, and their interactions. That it is a comfy romance novel.

She eyeballed me and said, “Well that’s vague,” and stalked off.

It’s not easy talking about a book that isn’t finished. It’s much easier to talk about the books that are done and sitting in front of me. I think in time, I will get better at talking about myself and my work. I sure know I need practice. But one thing is for sure, I love what I’m doing.

What tips do you have about making small talk? Let’s hear them!

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