Keep Chipping Away

In the six years of effort I have put into bringing eight books to life, there is one thing that remains steadfastly true – being an author is hard work.

Those who think being an author is all glamour. You’ve written an amazing book, maybe you got a publisher or have chosen to become an indie author, and believe like magic that the book is going to rocket up the best-seller list.

This is not always the case. Authors still have to market and sell their books. We become adept at using Social Media, developing websites, and speaking in public. We learn the ins and outs of business record keeping. We make tough decisions regarding advertising and events.

Sometimes it’s as if we hear “no” more than we hear “yes.” We work on turning the negatives into positives, finding another direction to take, we deal with imposter syndrome. One thing is certain, you will learn a lot about how just how much you can handle! Don’t give up.

I keep chipping away at my list of things to do. Sometimes I feel like I am making great progress and am successful. Other times not so much. Then I reach down deep and I remember the things that keep me going – my love of this art, the joy on a child’s face as they read my stories, and the friends I have made along the way.

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