Remember to Take a Break

Mill Pond in Graeagle, CAWe took a quick trip up to the mountains over Labor Day weekend. No plans, just relaxing on pond time. It was one of the first times we had headed this way without plans. We spent quite a bit of our weekend relaxing on the back deck listening to the breeze in the trees, the laughter from the voices of kids across the way as they frolic in the Mill Pond, and the squirrels chasing each other in the tree limbs above our heads.

Our kids did their favorite thing, shopping, miniature golf, and a swim in Gold Lake.

I kept my notebook close at hand and although I didn’t do much writing, I jotted down some notes to follow up on this week. But my goal for the weekend was to just be in the moment.

It was a good reminder that we all need to take that kind of break once in a while. To go somewhere, even if it’s in your own backyard, and decompress. Take a few breaths and forget about your mile-long to-do list.

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