I’ve Written A Children’s Book, Now What? Part V

If you have been following my current blog series, I’ve been talking about the process once you’ve completed writing your children’s book. So far we’ve discussed critique and editing, number of pages and trim size, character mapping, and storyboarding. We are getting closer to that all important aspect of finding an illustrator. Illustrations are as […]

I’ve Written a Children’s Book, Now What? Part IV?

Story Boarding  At this point in your journey to publish your children’s book, you are probably wondering what to do next.  This is a good point to start focusing your attention on what you want your illustrations to look like.   Storyboarding was originally created by the Walt Disney company as a way of visually displaying, […]

I’ve Written A Children’s Book Now What? Part III

Character Mapping Depending on where you are in the process of writing your book, character mapping will prove to be an invaluable step.  I actually recommend you start character mapping even before you start writing. This is where you really get to know your characters, who they are, what motivates them, etc. Although sometimes your […]

I’ve Written a Children’s Book, Now What? Part II

Number of Pages and Trim Size I’ve been seeing a lot of questions from people on the groups I follow on Facebook who have just finished writing their story and want to know how to find an illustrator. My first reaction is SLOW DOWN! There are still plenty of things you need to consider before […]