J is for Juggling

Finding time to write while working full time, having an active child, a second job doing consulting work, time for my hubby, and all the other interests I have is a juggling act to say the least.

I have found that unfortunately some of the day to day interests I have need to be kicked to the wayside as I just can’t throw one more ball up into the air. Darn you Pinterest.

I spent over two years with a friend running a cooking blog called Try it Tuesday. The blog focused on trying new receipes once a week. The site is still up mainly because I need somewhere to go to find the recipes I tried and liked. Both my friend (who is now living in Germany) and I have not posted in quite awhile. It is hard because I really enjoyed doing it and writing the blog posts. But it was just one more thing I couldn’t juggle any more.

Another thing I’ve stopped doing is creating scrapbooks. I have some pretty incredible ones I did of our family from the time Liz was born until she was six. I just don’t have the time to sit down and do it anymore. I’m packing up the majority of my supplies and sending them to a family member who likes to do it and and has more time to spend at it.

The one interest I won’t give up is reading. Not only do I love to read, but it really is a good way to study the craft of being a writer. I see styles in books I like and styles I don’t like. I learn formating techniques, word choice, and study how certain authors I enjoy reading have constructed their story. Or I just get lost in the words, enjoying the journey the author is taking me on.

The other thing I won’t give up is writing, so if you catch me on my 30 minute lunch break franctically scribbling in a my notebook, it’s because the voices are talking to me again and my writers block has lifted.

Do what you love, love what you do. Don’t let two many balls get thrown up into the air.