Book Review: The Stallion and His Peculiar Boy

The Stallion and His Peculiar Boy

M.J. Evans

173 Pages

Recommended reading age 13-18

I picked up this book on its release day for two reasons. #1 I had the pleasure of meeting M.J. at an event in Kentucky in 2019 and have read a few of her other books and #2 the book is about an Arabian!

I had little knowledge of the rescue of some of the famous horses during World War II. More, I think, is out there about the Lippanzaners. So I found this fictionalized account of the rescue intriguing because it had at its main focus the rescue of one of the Polish Foundation stallions, Witez II.

The story is a quick read about a young boy, Teodor, who has a form of autism. Austim was not recognized at the time so his father labeled him stupid. His mother, Agata, was very dedicated and loving to her son. When the Germans took over their town in Czechoslovakia and the Stud Farm, Agata looked to see if there was something her son could do. She took him to the stud farm, the same day Witez arrived. The boy connected directly with the horse and was given the job of his groom. Over the years they connected and when the Soviet Union threatened to move into the town, played a part in the horse’s rescue to the west.

M.J. gives us a look into the world at the time of World War II, and the sacrifices on both sides – Americans and German – to save the horses from certain death.

The other theme in this book that should not be overlooked is the connection between Teodor and Witez. This connection is why using horses as therapy animals is so critical. Teodor was mute and had very little communication with other people but had an instant connection with the horse. That connection helped Teodor find a way in a world that would never have accepted him for his differences. Although Teodor is a fictitious character, he is a shining example of what happens in the real world with the use of horses in therapy.

One thing I will say, I would recommend this as reading for ages 10 and up. I believe M.J. has created an important look at life during the war that should not be forgotten. This book also needs to be made into a movie!

I also admit to several “Ah-Ha” moments near the end of the book. That is what happens from being in the Arabian Horse world for the past few years.

I purchased a copy of this book for my Kindle.

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